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NFT Project on Solana (SOL)

For Miami Hack Week 2022, we designed a concept that allows NFT creators to make a template that allows limited customizations based on the creators criteria. A web interface will work to allow the creator to upload and define which parts of their template image can be customized and then this will be made available to someone who wishes to purchase. When purchasing you can then customize the image to your liking and then NFT will be minted. This will allow the creator to retain royalties if desired, and the purchaser can customize their NFT.

Think of Bored Apes, many people like to use their NFT as an avatar for their social media or various chat services. The tool that we designed would allow the person purchasing to change the colors or modify patterns in the template. This is similar to what you might do with a video game character skin or a weapon skin, yet you are able to modify some parameter and then mint as your own custom NFT without needing to be a graphic designer. It's made simple for the end user.

We are utilizing web2, web3, and the Solana blockchain. Solana was chosen because of the speed and cheap transaction cost, as NFTs are quickly emerging on this blockchain.

This is a proof of concept using NFT images, but the technology can expand into other areas such as video, music, and more.

Concept White-boarding
Visual Concept

Miami Hack Week 2022

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