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IBM PureFlex System

IBM PureFlex System

As a Firmware Test Engineer at IBM I tested prototype server hardware and software in a multi-million dollar research and development laboratory.

Here's a bit of what I did during my time working on the project:

• Determined BIOS and UEFI bug root cause analysis for blade servers
• Functional experience with development to production release cycles and deadlines
• Created and executed test suites for new hardware, firmware, and software
• Utilized multiple Linux and Windows operating systems to perform server compatibility tests
• Tested IBM Power Flex Chassis during developmental stages prior to public release
• Verified integration of IBM System x and Power Blades in the IBM Flex Chassis
• Documented and collected detailed technical analysis information of server firmware bugs
• Determined server firmware functional verification tests and executed those tests
• Executed stress and performance tests on server equipment in order to verify hardware safeguard features
• Interpreted developmental hardware schematics for detailed reporting of server hardware and software defects

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